Thursday, 29 June 2017

June 2017

For our meeting this month, four of us met for morning tea  in the coffee shop at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney . Over a hot cuppa, we shared show and tell. Although some of us were busy elsewhere, show and tell is still possible via technology.

First up is Gerri's main item for the Order and Chaos display by the Embroiderers's Guild at Darling Harbour. Stitched onto a kitchen seive using variegated threads with added beads and bling.

This little thimble holder was made by Sheila. Using felt as a base, the flowers were stitched with hand dyed knitting cotton, fly stitch and beading. The edge is done in double pekinese stitch.

 The above flower, Robyn's favourite subject, has been created  on a small, plain, index card. This one  has been drawn by Robyn using Pitt pens and water colour pencils.

Jenny was excited to be playing with a new stitch. Called 'Rose Stitch' , it is a filling stitch found in Schwalm work, where some threads are withdrawn from the base fabric, and the remaining fabric distorted with pulled stitches to create a new pattern.

Jenny had also started knitting a new scarf. Worked in a drop stitch pattern, the scarf is knitted with two different yarns. One is Morris Empire, a 100% merino 8 ply, while the second is Noro Silk Garden Lite, a 45% silk, 45% mohair and 10 % wool yarn from Japan. Both yarns were left overs from a previous project. The two together are creating an interesting effect.

Jenny has completed all the granny squares required to make her bag. The added mustard has given  some life to the mix. Next step, joining them all together.

These white face washers have been jazzed up with crochet edges by Gerri.

Gerri is also continuing to knit squares.

Jenny's bobbin lace hankie edging continues to grow. This pic shows it just about up to corner number 3.

This is a page from Sheila's sketchbook. The doodle began as three dots on a page and continued while waiting a very long time for an appointment.

Robyn had started an on-line water colour portrait course through Jeanne Oliver. The page above shows the grid mark up, while the one below shows her blind drawing.

Following morning tea, the four of wandered the museum, viewing 'Out of Hand - Materialising The Digital', an exhibition on the rise and use of 3D printing. There was a quick view of the Student Fashion for 2017, then the 'Love Is- Australian Wedding Fashion', where we all oohed and ahhhhed over the variety of style, colour and fabrics that go into the making of wedding attire.

As our normal meeting space, Guild headquarters,  is nearing it's completed renovations, we have maybe only one or two meetings left  "outside".  So please come back an join us next month to see where we go & what we do.

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