Wednesday, 30 August 2017

August 2017

Our group met in Wollongong This month.  Gerri very kindly organised a meeting room at the Xavier Centre which was a well situated venue for us.  And we started with a yummy morning tea thanks again to Gerri.  After catching up on social  events, we shared the work we have been doing in the past month.

This quilt has been made by Gerri for her Grandson. It includes school photos throughout the years, family, beach, thongs, cherries for Young where he spent his younger years, and his love of combi vans.

 This is the back of the quilt .

 Gerri had also completed this comfort crochet blanket from the "cake" seires of wools from Lincraft.

 Jenny had completed her scarf ready for next winter. Knitted in a drop stitch pattern, two different yarns have been used, one plain, and one variegated to give an interesting result.

Sheila had a day space dying threads, fabrics, tapes and laces.  The techniques used have been used by our group in the past.  Sheila's favourite stitch, raised chain, looks fabulous when the space dyed threads are used.  The fabrics, tapes and laces will find their way into quilts and and embroidered projects.

This bag is one that Sheila has made using hand dyed upholstery fabric, and some of the tape and threads from the above dying day. The tape has been decorated with raised chain band, using a variegated knitting cotton which was also over dyed in the space dying process.

Created for the annual Quilt NSW challenge, Sheila's quilt addresses the issue of ageing and memory.  The full quilt will be revealed after the challenge is judged in October.  The threads used were hand dyed and shown in our July post.  Raised chain stitch gave the quality of stitch required for the quilt.

QuiltNSW can be found at:

After Gerri and her husband, Graham, provided lunch, we were delighted to attend the Lateral's exhibition at the Old Court House in Wollongong.  The Laterals is a well established creative group within the Embroiderers' Guild of NSW.  'Off the Rails' showcased the group's work from the last year or so.  Details of the monthly challenges along with the works completed by the members answering  the challenge were displayed together.  This gave the viewer the opportunity to see the varied ways in which the challenge was realised by the members.  For the viewer, it was interesting to see embroidery taken to three dimensions in a number of the challenges.  We had the opportunity to meet with friends in the Laterals and discuss the works, the group and it's dynamics.  It was a fitting end to our day in Wollongong.

It has been fun finding new venues to have our group meeting. Next month we hope to be in our new space at our re-vamped and updated  Guild building.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

July 2017

The NSW Art Gallery was our meeting place this month. Four of us gathered in the park opposite, then moved on to morning tea and show and tell in the coffee shop inside the Gallery once it was opened. 

Sheila had been stitching this face design using her favourite stitch, raised chain band. The design is based on a  Julie Fei-Fan Balzer stencil, and will eventually turn into a bag front.

Both Jenny and Robyn were learning a new  pulled work stitch called 'Gros-Rose Stitch'. Based on a drawn background of cut 1, leave 3, the stitch gives a very open and lacy effect. The above sample is Jenny's.

This is Susan's  soon-to-be journal cover, with one of her small embroideries that was stitched about 4 years ago.  Susan has added appliques of scrap fabrics, and covered the raw edges with couching. The outer line is raised stem stitch which may change with further inspiration.

 Susan's  "Memory Quilt" is growing.  Made with 3/4 inch hexagons, mostly cottons, Susan thinks it will continue to grow to  fit the top of this bed and just over the sides.  It has been so fun and relaxing  to do, Susan thinks it may even get bigger still.

Jenny had finished a second small bobbin lace Christmas decoration. The pattern came from an old Anna magazine and and DMC Cordonnet Special thread No 50 was used. There are six designs in the series, and Jenny hopes to work at least one of each.

These finger-less gloves were also made by Jenny. One 50gm ball of 4 Seasons Merino 4 ply just didn't quite make a pair. So the second glove was finished using Lincraft Lullaby 4 ply in a different colour, and stitching was added to both gloves to bring them together .

Sheila has had a number of attempts at graduated dying from black to white. In her first attempt, the dye was quite purple and both fabric and threads were over saturated. In the second attempt, the dye was adjusted by using black dye  with a golden yellow and some green to get a better black.  A white thread and an ecru thread were dyed as well as a stranded cotton, which are going to be used in her project.

This cotton cloth has been dyed by Robyn with coffee grounds over several weeks.  Round tea bags and a selection of threads have also been collected to start her next project.

Robyn continues drawing on index cards influenced by Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge.

Following show & tell, we all visited 'Making Modernism', an exhibition of works by Georgia OKeefe, Margaret Preston, and Grace Crossington Smith which is currently shoing at the NSW Art Gallery. This exhibition is on now until 2nd Ocober.

Our meeting next month will be.......... who knows? Our new Guild building is slowly taking shape, so maybe, just maybe, our next meeting will be in our new space. How exciting! Here's hoping.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

June 2017

For our meeting this month, four of us met for morning tea  in the coffee shop at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney . Over a hot cuppa, we shared show and tell. Although some of us were busy elsewhere, show and tell is still possible via technology.

First up is Gerri's main item for the Order and Chaos display by the Embroiderers's Guild at Darling Harbour. Stitched onto a kitchen seive using variegated threads with added beads and bling.

This little thimble holder was made by Sheila. Using felt as a base, the flowers were stitched with hand dyed knitting cotton, fly stitch and beading. The edge is done in double pekinese stitch.

 The above flower, Robyn's favourite subject, has been created  on a small, plain, index card. This one  has been drawn by Robyn using Pitt pens and water colour pencils.

Jenny was excited to be playing with a new stitch. Called 'Rose Stitch' , it is a filling stitch found in Schwalm work, where some threads are withdrawn from the base fabric, and the remaining fabric distorted with pulled stitches to create a new pattern.

Jenny had also started knitting a new scarf. Worked in a drop stitch pattern, the scarf is knitted with two different yarns. One is Morris Empire, a 100% merino 8 ply, while the second is Noro Silk Garden Lite, a 45% silk, 45% mohair and 10 % wool yarn from Japan. Both yarns were left overs from a previous project. The two together are creating an interesting effect.

Jenny has completed all the granny squares required to make her bag. The added mustard has given  some life to the mix. Next step, joining them all together.

These white face washers have been jazzed up with crochet edges by Gerri.

Gerri is also continuing to knit squares.

Jenny's bobbin lace hankie edging continues to grow. This pic shows it just about up to corner number 3.

This is a page from Sheila's sketchbook. The doodle began as three dots on a page and continued while waiting a very long time for an appointment.

Robyn had started an on-line water colour portrait course through Jeanne Oliver. The page above shows the grid mark up, while the one below shows her blind drawing.

Following morning tea, the four of wandered the museum, viewing 'Out of Hand - Materialising The Digital', an exhibition on the rise and use of 3D printing. There was a quick view of the Student Fashion for 2017, then the 'Love Is- Australian Wedding Fashion', where we all oohed and ahhhhed over the variety of style, colour and fabrics that go into the making of wedding attire.

As our normal meeting space, Guild headquarters,  is nearing it's completed renovations, we have maybe only one or two meetings left  "outside".  So please come back an join us next month to see where we go & what we do.

Friday, 26 May 2017

May 2017

Our meeting this month was held once again in Wendy's home, with  five of our members attending. First up was some yummy morning tea provided by Kathleen and Jenny. Then with clean fingers and hands, we began show and tell.

Kathleen had finished a quilt which utilised her squares from last year. Adding in some other shapes as well as the squares, Kathleen went through her stash to see what colour fabrics she had that would work. The fabrics were machine pieced, then hand quilted around the shapes.

Annette had been working on another robyn. This time in blackwork, still using the same greeting card as inspiration. Annette is trying to use the blackwork stitches to capture the contemporary stylised mood of the greeting card.  

Robyn had been working on this  small surface stitched piece which will be made into a phone/Opal card bag.

This clam-shell piece is Kathleen's problem piece. Using lovely soft colours and the clam shell shape, Kathleen is making this quilt for her Mum. With ideas from our group members, Kathleen will now  finish it to be a knee quilt so it doesn't need to be too long.

This little cardigan is one that Annette has made using variegated wool for Morris & Son's. The ruffles on the sleeves need to be removed as the Young Lady for whom it was made  bites at the ruffles when she wears it.

Jenny had been knitting more hats for winter. This one uses left over yarn form a jumper that she made last year. Jenny made use of the beginnings of a circular shawl pattern to begin this hat with double pointed needles. She then knitted out to the width she wanted, then decreased back to her head measurement and made a rib band. The hat is flat, a beret style which Jenny loves.

This is another hat that Jenny has knitted using the same idea as above, this time in a blue colour which she found in her stash. It is an 8 ply pure wool from Lyncraft.

Robyn is in the process of knitting a scarf from cotton yarn. The Willow leaf Scarf pattern is from the book 'Dyeing To Spin & Knit' and will be space dyed when completed.

Jenny has been making crochet Granny Squares using a pattern she found on Pinterest. The center flowers are from a single ball of Norro yarn that she bought on holiday some years back, and the blue is left over from her stash. The granny squares were meant to be made into a bag, however the problem exists that there is not enough of the Norro yarn to complete the number of squares required, nor may there be enough of the blue left in the stash to complete the project. So Jenny has added another colour of Norro ( also from her stash) and has decided to add some mustard to the mix to give the bag some life.

Our little group still  needs to be creative with our meeting space. Next moth will will be coming to you form the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

April 2017

Our meeting this month was held at the Australian Museum here in Sydney. The idea was to view the exhibition "Transformations: Art of the Scott Sisters".

Three of our members met at the museum coffee shop for morning tea. The coffee shop is now located on the  4th floor of the museum with stunning views over Hyde Park and the city.

Following morning tea, the three of us spent much time viewing the wonderful drawings of the Scott Sisters, awing over the very fine detail contained within each one. It has opened our eyes again to the tiny life  that resides in our gardens.

One of our members had to leave early, and the remaining two enjoyed lunch on the balcony of the coffee shop in glorious sunshine, followed by a walk through the City.

As were were all on public transport, show and tell can be a little difficult. So show & tell this moth is once again brought to you via technology and emails.

Gerri has completed her work on the veil and it is now in Ulladulla in it's rightful place. 

Jenny had knitted herself a hat using leftover yarn from a cardigan. She had been on the lookout for slouchy hat patterns and found this one, 'Springtime in Philadelphia', free on Ravelry. The hat was supposed to be made in a fingering yarn, which is about a 4ply in Australian yarn. Jenny's yarn was an 8ply Morris Empire, a 100% merino yarn, and 3.75mm needles were used to make it a bit tighter. It's still a little big, just how Jenny likes them.

This is the beginning of another hat of Jenny's. The brown hat above needed to be more 'slouchy', so with this one Jenny has used the beginnings of a circular shawl pattern. It will be knitted out to the desired width, increasing every alternate row,  then decreased until her head circumference is reached. Then a rib band will be added. The yarn is left over Crimson 'Savanah yarn (70% wool 30% alpaca) which Jenny bought last year from Bendigo Woollen Mills and use to make this Jumper.

As our Guild building is still undergoing renovations, I'll wonder where we will meet next month and what we will get up to. Please join us in late May to check us out.